My name is Antonio Giuseppe Peligra, and I was born on February 9, 1984 in Dolo (Venice).
I graduated from the "Paolo Grassi" School of Drama of Milan, class of 2006. I took a drama master class with Massimo Castri at the "Corso di alto perfezionamento" organized by "Emilia Romagna Teatro", with the acknowledgment of the European Union.
Thanks to my teacher Marina Gorla, during my studies at the "Paolo Grassi" School of Drama, I found out about the Feldenkrais Method and Alexander technique.
I love singing, and I have been studying lyrical singing with the tenor Aldo Verrecchia, a member of the choir of the "Scala" Theatre, and a student of Mario Del Monaco.
In 2007, I received by Andrea Camilleri the "Honorable Mention" for my performance within the "Premio Nazionale delle Arti" at the Silvio d'Amico National Academy of Dramatic Arts of Rome.
I am a philosophy student at the University of Padua.
In 2008, I learnt from Antonella Astolfi, a former student of Susanne Linklater, the Natural Voice method. I also studied hypnotherapy with Arthur Sackrule.
From 2008-2009 I worked with a group of young actors working on "Emilia Romagna Teatro", directed by Massimo Castri.
I took part in the "Prospero" Project 2008, a didactic exchange with the Drama University of Tampere.
Since 2009 - faschinated by the beautiful experience of a collegue and friend - I have been studying at the "Margie Haber Studio" of Los Angeles (USA).
In 2012 I began a path for the improvement of vocal expression with Kevin Crawford (Roy Hart Teathre).


2013-2014 "L'uomo, la bestia e la virtù" (Man, Beast and Virtue) by Luigi Pirandello, directed by Monica Conti, Teatro Sala Fontana production.
2012 "Finale di partita" (Endgame) by Samuel Beckett (playing Nagg), directed by Massimo Castri. Winner of the Alabarda d'Oro Città di Trieste prize.
"Finale di partita" (Endgame) by Samuel Beckett (playing Nagg), directed by Massimo Castri. Winner of the Ubu Price 2010 for the best show.
2011 "Le Mutande" (Die Hose) by Carl Sternheim (playing Beniamino Mandestam), directed by Monica Conti.
2009 "La presidentessa" by Maurice Henniquin (playing Poche), directed by Massimo Castri.
2008-2009 "Porcile" by Pier Paolo Pasolini (Julian), directed by Massimo Castri.
2008 "Così è se vi pare" by Luigi Pirandello (plang the prefect), directed by Massimo Castri. The show was the winner of the "Vittorio Gassman" Price 2008.
2008-2007 "Sette Porte" (Seven Doors) by Botho Strauss (playing the parking guardian), directed by Cesare Lievi.
2007 "Medea" from Christa Wolf (playing Leuco), directed by Maurizio Schmidt.
2007 "Re del Petrolio" by Federico Perrone (playing Ardnassac), directed by Fulvio Vanacore.
2006 "Destino Superga" by Alessandra Lionello (playing Sauro Tomà).
2005 "Una delle Ultime Sere di Carnevale" by Carlo Goldoni (playing Sior Zamaria), directed by Lorenzo Loris.
2005 "Vecchi Tempi" (Old Times) by Harold Pinter (playing Deley), directed by Maurizio Schmidt.
2005 "Adelchi" (reading) with Franco Branciaroli, directed by Monica Conti.
2005 "Troilo e Cressida" (Troilus and Cressida) by William Shakespeare (playing Tersite), directed by Ruggero Cara.
2005 "Happy End" by Bertold Brecht (playing Sam), directed by Maurizio Schmidt.
2004 "Santa Limbania" by Giovan Carlo Solaro (playing the devil Belzebuch), directed by Paola Bigatto.
2002 "Baruffe Chiozzotte" by Carlo Goldoni (playing the commander), directed by Pierluca Donin.


Set photos

L’uomo, la bestia e la virtù (2014)

Le Mutande (2011)

Finale di partita (2010 – Photos by Marcello Norberth)

La Presidentessa (2009)

Porcile (2008-2009 – Photos by Serafino Amato)

Così è se vi pare (2008)


Photo Book

Book 2014 (Photos by Giovanni Zennaro)

Book 2011-2012 (Photos by Marcello Norberth)




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